DevOps Leadership Summit in Dallas

Last year when we organized the first DevOps Days DFW, many attendees told us that they thought the content was fantastic, but that they wished they could have something that they could invite their leadership team to. Since alignment is so critical to changing anything in a large organization, the DevOps Days DFW Organizers agree and are … Read More

Which Line?

I started my career as a developer at a worker’s compensation case management company. We wrote software that nurses, who were employees, used to manage worker’s compensation cases in hopes that we would get people back to work quicker and thus lower costs. I had a talented and opinionated boss who gave me a lot … Read More

Why Habitat?

I started my career as a software engineer, and I always love creating a new application and seeing the magic of that application being deployed to production. I love seeing the excitement on our user’s faces when we talk about all the cool stuff we’re working on. And I love making that real for people. Over the … Read More

Policyfiles Update

I wanted to share with you some great news about policyfiles and let you know what I’ll be up to on this blog over the next couple of months. Over the past six months or so, the Chef product team and I have been working together to map out our partnership. In the early days, their support … Read More

Our Superbowl

In the summer of 2014, I became convinced that NCR needed a more agile and consistent delivery process to safely enable our customers to grow their businesses beyond the four walls of the restaurant and into the new opportunities presented by mobile first consumers. While I was no stranger to continuous integration and a testable pipeline for … Read More

Introducing Cafe

I was fortuntate enough to be at Chef Summit in Seattle last November and learned two very valuable things there: First, I learned that the core power of Chef is in its community and ecosystem. Within this ecosystem we can depart from the user customer/vendor relationship where you’re at the mercy of a product team … Read More


Years back when NCR bought Radiant Systems, there was a lot of talk about a new term I hadn’t heard until then: the funnel. It took me a few years to understand this concept and how it relates technology change initiatives but NCR’s rich history as an effective sales organization was instrumental in gaining that understanding. Over … Read More

Policyfile Attributes

When you start with policyfiles you quickly fall in love with the simplicity of the workflow and how easy it is to learn and teach. However, you’re also faced with an apparent show-stopper to adoption: there are lots of community cookbooks out there that expect certain attributes to be in certain locations. It can be quite confusing; … Read More


Recently at the Chef Community Summit, I proposed a topic on Policyfiles. Policyfiles are a new way to handle dependency and change management for your Chef infrastructure. During the session it became clear that there wasn’t enough information out there on how and why to use Policyfiles. I realized that an introduction to Policyfiles for the Chef … Read More

Chef with Windows

Recently Peter Burkholder asked in the community whether anyone was doing Chef at scale in a Windows environment and what lessons were learned along the way to make that happen. While we at NCR are certainly not the first windows-oriented business to utilize Chef at scale, we are doing it and I have a lot of experience and ideas that could … Read More