How Growth Got Me Organized and Productive



As I read this in the introduction of John Maxwell’s book 12 Indisputable Laws of Growth, I realized how low my expectations were. At first I didn’t believe Maxwell. My focus at the time was more on keeping it together and making the “next logical step” than on reaching a destination I didn’t previously think was possible.

But I took Maxwell’s advice and have focused on growth ever since. I’ve read books. I got a mentor. I pressed into my work and made things happen. I built my team so it isn’t just me anymore having to do the major things; it is now “we”.

After two years of intentional growth, I can see Maxwell’s wisdom firsthand. I have grown so much in these two years and feel like I’ve only begun.

The biggest area of growth is with my productivity and organization.

The other day I reviewed everything that was going on and took an action on one of my many projects. I went to talk with person, who was on the phone, so I stopped to say hi to a friend of mine. He was questioning out loud how much my team had taken on and how it seemed impossible. Two years ago it would have been impossible. But now it is working, because I have focused on growing as a leader and because I have focused on creating a system within which I can manage what needs to happen in my life.

This week I have six different projects at work going at the same time (and one project itself has three different subprojects). At home we are going through an amazing amount of change that is planned based on our newfound desire for contentment. On the surface it feels like I have five different jobs.

Fortunately, I have a secret weapon I use to keep my sanity: Checkvist and the Getting Things Done methodology. This will be the focus of the next couple of weeks. But for now, open your mind to the possibility that if you intentionally grow over time, you’ll be able to do things you previously thought weren’t even possible. All that’s needed is that you start.

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