Right Fit



Annie and I spent the early part of this week looking into a business opportunity that would help us meet some specific goals over the next few years. We were excited, talking late into the night about the various details of this business opportunity.

Then halfway into our discussion we realized it wasn’t going to work.

Of course, we could have made it work. We could have brought more into the deal and thus introduced more risk. We could have compromised our values or our goals.

I was reminded me of Mark Cuban’s advice: get out of debt and save up 100K in cash.

Why does he give this advice? Because if you have cash that you can invest, a right fit will come along and present itself. You don’t have to go try to make things work.

I don’t have to force anything. I can stay true to my values. And I should continue to live a simple and frugal lifestyle. If I do this, the right fit will come along.

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