The Phoenix Project Book Review

As I’ve looked into devops more and more over the past few months, the book The Phoenix Project has come up over and over. I finally bought it when Matt Stratton at chef basically insisted on it in his very awesome reading list to ramp yourself up on devops. I haven’t been into fiction very much, but over the … Read More

Programming Ruby (Pickaxe) Book Review

When I started learning Chef in earnest I realized quickly that my need to know what was happening was leading me to need to dive into a book on Ruby and figure out what all the magic I was seeing in Chef was really about. Chef has an amazing way of being usable for those who don’t know … Read More

Customizing Chef Book Review

When I was stuck trying to understand simple concepts about Chef, I bought two books: Learning Chef (read the review) and Customizing Chef by Jon Cowie. Learning Chef gave me the basic concepts, but Customizing Chef gave me the deep understanding I needed to evaluate the tool for my large, complicated organization. In the closed-source Microsoft world, you figure out what … Read More

Focus with the Amazon Kindle

I’ve been writing about focusing on what matters lately by making good choices with how and what you consume. Some things are just a complete waste of time like the local news. Other things have a good alternative, like reading the Economist instead of going to news sites. As I wrote last time, though, in this mobile world that isn’t enough. You have … Read More