chef-vault Tutorial

This week I researched chef-vault and struggled quite a bit with the documentation, so I thought I would write a bit of a tutorial on the technology for those who are interested in quickly understanding how it might work for their organizations. Why chef-vault? Encrypted data bags force you to copy the shared secret that is used for decryption to your … Read More

The Power of Culture in Cross-Discipline Change Initiatives

When I started my career, I was rewarded for being creative, stretching the boundaries, getting changes through the system to bring more revenue to my company. I was a developer. When my SecOps colleague started his career, he was rewarded for keeping people like me from destroying the business with poorly planned implementations that make us vulnerable … Read More

Three Essential Components to Compliance at Velocity in the Enteprise

Security has been the most difficult part of implementing chef in my large organization. I recently spoke with Chef about this and had a great conversation with Justin Arbuckle related to it. Chef is focusing this year on helping organizations like mine to achieve compliance at velocity. Through the conversation and Justin’s great advice, I realized that every Chef … Read More