Sanitize Your Smartphone with Republic Wireless

iphone vs android

The invention of the iPhone will probably be one of the key technological events of my lifetime. It changed the game from quirky Blackberry kind-of-phones, to a new experience that delivered a whole set of new capabilities in people’s lives. It has changed the businesses I serve and will continue to change our lives for years to come.

Once I finally got an iPhone it took over my life. This coincided with the birth of my children, so I spent a lot of time on the iPhone while they were at the park, or sleeping, or messing around at our house.

Then I realized that I will never get those moments back. [Read more...]

Facing the Ultimate Distraction and Often Losing

facebook is a waste of time

It was around 2008, and I heard about this new way to interact with people in your world. We were at a family gathering, and I started talking about this great application I had found called Facebook. My sister-in-law was delighted that we had finally caught up with her and that we were all going to join in this wonderful new thing. [Read more...]

Sports News: Soap Operas for People Who Make Fun of Soap Operas

sports talk radio

In the past I used to listen to The Ticket every day on the way to and from work. I would follow the local teams through ups and downs. When the Dallas Cowboys won their only playoff game in the last almost twenty years, I was turning on The Ticket to hear their analysis. When the Mavericks won their World Championship a few years ago, I celebrated with my friends on the Ticket.

Then I realized something:

Sports News is even more worthless than “Real” News. [Read more...]

The Economist Keeps it Real


Over the past year I’ve grown to see the absolute insanity of following the news on normal news sites like CNN or Fox News. You might be thinking that I have no clue what is going on in the world. I do value being an educated person who knows about world events.

I have a secret weapon that helps me get this insight into the world without driving myself crazy day to day. [Read more...]

Escaping with the News

escaping the news

I was having a great time at a party at my house recently, when a friend of mine who is quite conservative started talking to me about the Benghazi incident of September 2012. He went on and on about how outrageous it is.

I respond, “I just don’t see how any of this is important or relevant to my life.”

With an outraged tone, he responds with eyes wide open in outrage, “You don’t think Benghazi is important???” [Read more...]



I get home from work and am daydreaming about a feature I need to add to my software as my son tells me about Minecraft.

I finally have a few moments of free time and spend them reading about movie stars and wars on the internet.

At work I have something really important to work on but I read the latest tech news instead, and I get involved in a long conversation with a colleague about office politics.

What is going on here? [Read more...]

Finding a Philosophy of Life


We realize that the default cultural script does not deliver on its promises. We need a new one. We need a philosophy of life. We need a framework of values and prescriptions that we can use as a starting point for living out our lives in such a way that they will be a beautiful work of art.

Before we get into the specifics of evaluating a particular philosophy of life, I’ll define my requirements for it: [Read more...]