We have a great idea. We have alignment. Everyone is excited. This is the right change for our organization!

But there isn’t funding for it.

Wait! Someone says. We can work on it on the side. Maybe we’ll make maybe a little progress on it.

No, you won’t.

Most of us work in businesses that exists to turn a profit. There are two ways to do this: increase revenue and reduce costs.

Those who have a compelling case that revenue will increase or costs will reduce will get the funding to pursue those objectives. It’s simple business.

I always use the funding question as a litmus test for viability of an idea. Are we willing to incur licensing and staffing expenses in order to create this outcome? If not then (1) I misread the cost or revenue realities of my organization or (2) I didn’t properly sell them to the stakeholders.

You see the true priorities of your business when you ask the funding question. This is why I never move past this question until it’s properly answered.

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