I Was Told Mistake

A lot of times in IT I’ll hear the phrase, “I was told”. For example, “I was told we are going to use Chef.” This is the worst possible phrase you can use. It suffers from two major defects: First it uses the passive voice. I think the passive voice is the enemy of productive and … Read More

The Power of Context

I’ve coached a couple of people lately who have made a career change into technology from other disciplines and have noticed a pattern emerge that I want to share more broadly. People from other disciplines bring diversity to their roles. In this context, we’re not talking about their gender or ethnicity. We’re talking about their background. … Read More

2017 Year in Review

At the start of 2018, Annie and I feel like we’re at the start of a brand new journey. We’ve decided to move to Boulder, Colorado in the coming months. Our jobs are going great, so we plan on working remotely with our companies after making the move. We’re both very excited about what’s in store; every … Read More

The Phoenix Project Book Review

As I’ve looked into devops more and more over the past few months, the book The Phoenix Project has come up over and over. I finally bought it when Matt Stratton at chef basically insisted on it in his very awesome reading list to ramp yourself up on devops. I haven’t been into fiction very much, but over the … Read More