Sanitize Your Smartphone with Republic Wireless

The invention of the iPhone will probably be one of the key technological events of my lifetime. It changed the game from quirky Blackberry kind-of-phones, to a new experience that delivered a whole set of new capabilities in people’s lives. It has changed the businesses I serve and will continue to change our lives for years to … Read More

Rubbernecking with the Locals

We’ve all been there. Bumper to bumper traffic. Lights ahead. An ambulance speeds by in the shoulder lane. We inch by for a few minutes, and finally make it to the accident. Then something inevitable happens. Our irritation at how everyone is going slow turns into curiosity ourselves as we slow down and want to … Read More

Escaping with the News

I was having a great time at a party at my house recently, when a friend of mine who is quite conservative started talking to me about the Benghazi incident of September 2012. He went on and on about how outrageous it is. I respond, “I just don’t see how any of this is important or … Read More