Initial Tracked Metrics for Kanban Adoption

One of the reasons I’ve read through David Anderson’s” Kanban book is the need for metrics. I was inspired by Lean Enterprise to become more metric-driven and make measurement more of the foundation of my management approach. Anderson did not disappoint. He devotes a whole chapter to which metrics to track on an initial Kanban initiative. Cumulative Flow Kanban is focused on limiting work in … Read More

Kanban Decoupling Input Cadence from Delivery Cadence

For my entire career, I have approached software development project planning at the level of the release. In waterfall, you plan a six month release, the first phase of which is to design and estimate the requested features to determine how much can go into the release. You are supposed to plan the whole thing. … Read More

Kanban Standup Meetings: A Way Out of Standup Hell?

In every Agile project, you’re supposed to have a daily standup meeting to facilitate communication and collective ownership. Intentions are always great at the beginning, but for me they have always descended into a tolerable mess. Can the Kanban method teach us anything about how to do them better? If you’re following the Scrum process, the meeting … Read More

Defining the Kanban Input Queue

I have been reading David Anderson’s wonderful book on Kanban this week as a means to get more specific on the project improvements I want to make based on what I’m learning with Lean Enterprise. This book has disrupted up my approach to backlog management and prioritization. Within a Scrum or Waterfall process, whenever a customer asks for a request, you put it on a list … Read More