Progression of Responsibility

While reading Lean Enterprise, I’m coming up with a lot of great ideas and improvements for my organization. Much of the book so far has been about how to properly execute portfolio management within an enterprise to make sure that (1) you maximize ROI, and (2) you don’t manage your existing proven products with an investment horizon of this … Read More

Focus with the Amazon Kindle

I’ve been writing about focusing on what matters lately by making good choices with how and what you consume. Some things are just a complete waste of time like the local news. Other things have a good alternative, like reading the Economist instead of going to news sites. As I wrote last time, though, in this mobile world that isn’t enough. You have … Read More

Problem Owner is Solution Owner

The room was standing room only. I was playing “Welcome to the Jungle” as loud as my company-issued laptop would play. There was a considerable buzz in the room. I was speaking at a conference session entitled “The New Diagnostic Utility.” This wasn’t a Get Rich Quick with Flipping Real Estate conference session. This was The Diagnostic Utility. … Read More