Is Continuous Delivery Needed in Our Organization?

Continuous Delivery sounds wonderful when you’re at a conference. You hear about companies like Netflix that deploy to production many times per day. When learning Chef, people often ask me if we really need something that will enable us to deploy that often. Some of them are on projects that take many months to deliver, and the customer would have it … Read More

The Phoenix Project Book Review

As I’ve looked into devops more and more over the past few months, the book The Phoenix Project has come up over and over. I finally bought it when Matt Stratton at chef basically insisted on it in his very awesome reading list to ramp yourself up on devops. I haven’t been into fiction very much, but over the … Read More

Programming Ruby (Pickaxe) Book Review

When I started learning Chef in earnest I realized quickly that my need to know what was happening was leading me to need to dive into a book on Ruby and figure out what all the magic I was seeing in Chef was really about. Chef has an amazing way of being usable for those who don’t know … Read More

Customizing Chef Book Review

When I was stuck trying to understand simple concepts about Chef, I bought two books: Learning Chef (read the review) and Customizing Chef by Jon Cowie. Learning Chef gave me the basic concepts, but Customizing Chef gave me the deep understanding I needed to evaluate the tool for my large, complicated organization. In the closed-source Microsoft world, you figure out what … Read More