Solve Problems by Isolating Them

My kids have been drawn into the world of Legos. They love Ninjago and The Lego Movie. It turns out there is a Legoland Discovery center nearby. The other day they went to a birthday party there. The kids had an absolute blast. Legos, legos everywhere. It was totally awesome. It also turns out that we have a Six Flags nearby. Fast … Read More

Problem Owner is Solution Owner

The room was standing room only. I was playing “Welcome to the Jungle” as loud as my company-issued laptop would play. There was a considerable buzz in the room. I was speaking at a conference session entitled “The New Diagnostic Utility.” This wasn’t a Get Rich Quick with Flipping Real Estate conference session. This was The Diagnostic Utility. … Read More


In the last post I wrote about a mistake I made where I focused too much on The Grand Vision and not enough on solving small problems. At the time, I felt that accomplishing The Grand Vision was going to be awesome and would save the world, and would mean that there would be a parade held … Read More