Promoting Cookbooks into a Private Chef Supermarket with TeamCity

We want the ability to control which versions of which cookbooks we rely on and that those cookbooks are available to us even if the author removes them from GitHub. In fact with the recent craziness on dependency management and after listening to an episode on availability on Arrested DevOps, I’m starting to think that this isn’t just for large … Read More

Chef Cookbook Builds in TeamCity

As more and more teams are coming on board with Chef, I’ve began to standardize our pipeline and ensure that everyone meets quality gates for the infrastructure they are creating. This started with finally figuring out how to get Test Kitchen working with Windows, then quickly migrated to getting it running in TeamCity. Our entire division uses TeamCity … Read More

The Inferior “Right” Way

I’ve spent much of my career trying to find roadblocks to technical and organizational success. This passion leads me to great tools like TeamCity and of Chef. My success in leveraging tools for organizational success leads me to be opinionated about what tools we should be using and how we should be doing things in our organization. It … Read More