Formatting Test
By Michael Hedgpeth · October 1, 2023
Formatting Test

Heading 1—With friendly emphasis

This is a paragraph. With an ABBR abbreviation, and 3,456,790 old style figures. I'm really finding things to be quite lovely with emphasizing words.

Another thing you can do in paragraphs is refer to code_variables_like_this_one.

And there will be lots of links, like this one that goes to the home page.

Heading 2—With friendly Emphasis

I think this will be a great blog with an ordered list:

  1. Think
  2. About
  3. All
  4. Formatting
  5. Link to Home

Heading 3—With friendly Emphasis

Also with an unordered list:

Heading 1—code_variable

Heading 2 Table—another_code_variable

And a table:

This headingWill give you
First lineEverything you always wanted
Second lineA properly styled site
Third lineDreams a plenty
Fourth lineLink to Home

Heading 3 Code block—final_code_variable

my_best_project = 'thinking in code'

Heading 4 Quote

I am quoting someone here That is extremely nice to listen to going to the Home Page.

Abraham Lincoln

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