Sanitize Your Smartphone with Republic Wireless
By Michael Hedgpeth · September 29, 2014
Sanitize Your Smartphone with Republic Wireless

The invention of the iPhone will probably be one of the key technological events of my lifetime. It changed the game from quirky Blackberry kind-of-phones, to a new experience that delivered a whole set of new capabilities in people’s lives. It has changed the businesses I serve and will continue to change our lives for years to come.

Once I finally got an iPhone it took over my life. This coincided with the birth of my children, so I spent a lot of time on the iPhone while they were at the park, or sleeping, or messing around at our house.

Then I realized that I will never get those moments back.

I realized that the promise of convenience and greater efficiency does not line up with my personal goals because my personal goals are to live a life of meaning, love, and connection, especially with my family.

To put it more simply, I was on my phone and ignoring my family.

What to do about this? I considered going away from a smartphone. That didn’t seem possible because there were times when it really did serve me. I tried to make a few rules like, Stop ignoring my children, but those didn’t seem to work when the siren song of Facebook and email came singing.

On top of that, I was spending over a thousand dollars a year on this habit that wasn’t serving me.

Then I learned about a better way: Republic Wireless. With Republic Wireless, I bought a phone for $300* and now spend $10 a month on my mobile phone. I get data through Wi-Fi, which, by the way, exists at home and at work. I don’t get data on the way home from work. If I’m traveling, I get the option to change to the $25 a month plan that has data. I can even change it back to the $10 plan when I get home and only pay for the $25 plan prorated for the amount of days I used it.

This means that I don’t instinctively go for the phone when I’m out and about. It’s a tool; it’s not my master. It also means if I need it to direct me somewhere I can type in directions before I leave when I’m on Wi-Fi, and the smartphone will get me there.

I feel like I have the best of both worlds. Combine that with my $10/month landline, I now have no excuse to be on my phone ever. It’s an accessory. It’s not my whole life. Now I can live with the best elements of it and leave the rest alone.

If you’re interested in freeing your life from the insane addiction from the smartphone, you can get $10 off of Republic Wireless (as well as give me $10 off on my bill) by going here. Enjoy!

  • You can get them even cheaper for $99 for an off-contract phone. Do the math, and you’ll save a bundle while being able to spend less time on your phone. It’s a win-win!